What is a Women's Circle?

A Women’s Circle is an intimate gathering that provides deep nourishment, rest and renewal for the Feminine.

There are as many expressions of a sacred Women’s Circle as there as women in the world.

Just like each woman brings her own unique expression of what it means to be a woman, so too does each circle have it’s own unique expression.

We may have common experiences but we the way we view, move through and relate with the world is individual to us.

Each circle is a unique synergy of the women who gather and their shared intent.

That said, after sitting in my first woman’s circle at age 22 and facilitating 400+ hours of group work in the past few years, there are basic tenets specific to women’s circles that I’d like to share with you.

3 principles common to women’s circles


We gather as we are. Enough. Whole. Complete.

We gather and for that time we enter the circle as both completeness and pure potential. We enter circle independent of our roles in life. Be that lover, wife, mother, daughter, sister, boss, employee. We gather as women. As equals. However, and whomever, we are that evening is enough. Tired. Broken. Happy. Resentful. Anxious. Elated. Uncomfortable. At ease.  All is welcome. We don’t have to DO or BE anything. Being present with what is, transforms what is.


We gather to listen deeply.

To ourselves. To one another. We bear sacred witness to the death and the birth that occurs cyclically within our inner and outer worlds. In the listening we are reminded that we are ok, right now, as we are. That no matter what is happening, deep at the centre of our being is an infinite well of wisdom. In the listening to others we are reminded our our shared humanity. In the listening to our inner being, we are reminded of our shared divinity.


When we gather in circle for a few rejuvenating hours we put down our DOING and re-connect with our BEING.

This feeds our feminine energy and re-orients us to our intuition that is easily drowned out in the daily pace of living a full and productive life.


What’s going to a Women’s Circle like?

The experience of attending a women’s circle is challenging to adequately describe.

If asked what it’s like, a woman that has found a powerful sisterhood of women to circle with will most often say, It’s something you just have to experience for yourself to understand.

Believe her.

It’s like attempting to describe the majestic beauty and primal power of nature itself.

She may use words like:

  • Healing
  • Powerful
  • Nourishing
  • Wholesome
  • Ecstatic
  • Love
  • Comforting
  • Enlivening
  • Opening
  • Sacred
  • Medicine
  • Full
  • Complete
  • Filling my cup
  • Coming home to myself

And we may have a sense of what these words attempt to convey, but it’s like using those words to share with another the embodied experience of:

  • How it feels to massage your bare feet in rich, loamy, earth after a cleansing rain.
  • The aliveness you feel in your cells when there is electricity in the air during the thunderstorm that’s finally arrived after threatening for days.
  • The deep rest and contentment that happens deep in your being when you’re kicking back watching the birds pick for bugs while enjoying the gentle breeze on your skin and the sky change colour as sun sets.
  • That buoyant feeling of innocence and surrender you get when you lay back and allow the warm ocean to gently envelope you while you float awhile.

That difference between the word and the embodied experience is what it’s like in trying to articulate the experience of circling with with women in sacred space.

You just have to experience it for yourself. 

How do I find a Women’s Circle that’s right for me?

It’s ok to explore different opportunities and find a circle that feels right in your bones.

It’s ok if a circle that once felt right in your bones no longer does.

It’s ok to sit in one or many circles.

Remember that each will have their own flavour and flair.

There is no one correct way of “doing circle”, just like there isn’t one right way of “being a woman”.

There is just the way that lights you up and leads you back home to yourself.

Ask for recommendations from others. Ask Google. Ask Facebook.

And if you are ever in my neighbourhood (Perth), or would like to host me in yours, you are welcome to come gather with me.

Looking forward to sitting in circle with you,






Are you attending Leonie Dawson’s Australian Shining Retreat ?

I’m joyous Leonie invited me to facilitate a special Saturday Eve Women’s Circle for Academy members.

For those that are called to gather for the Women’s Circle I will also be sharing a few of my best (& immediate) body awareness and energy awareness practices that will help you to:

  • Instantly increase your magnetism to be seen and heard in ways that are most meaningful to you.
  • Be at home in your body no matter who you are around, or what stress is occurring around you.
  • Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.
  • Feel more confident in receiving positive attention.

Looking forward to seeing you in Canberra Feb 27 + 28 x

Leonie Dawson Canberra Retreat

Leonie Dawson Canberra Retreat

Leonie Dawson and her COO Grant Andrews are hosting the Australian Shining Academy Retreat in Canberra on February 27 + 28.

I’m delighted to share that Leonie has invited me to facilitate a Sacred Women’s Circle on the Saturday evening of the retreat!

We gather as we are. Enough. Whole. Complete.

How to sign up for Leonie Dawson’s Retreat

This is an exclusive event for Shining Academy members.

Not a member yet? You can read about & join the Shining Biz & Life Academy here.

Members can go here for details & to register for the event. (You need to be logged into the Academy to access this page.)

Non-members can read more about the Canberra Retreat here.

Why you want to be there

As a coach/leader/teacher/do the epic stuff that you were born to do way-maker, Leonie Dawson has a way of inspiring you to take the positive risks necessary to achieve your dreams and her Shining Life and Biz Academy provides a proven clear map to get there.

That is GOLD. 

Leonie’s ability to create and complete is astounding.

Equally impressive is her ability to break the steps down on how to achieve success in life and business for the tens of thousands of women she has coached over the years.

AKA Leonie gets important stuff done and she teaches soulful business owners how to get important stuff done.

Knowledge is worthless unless you implement it.

Leonie blessed my path around 8 years ago when I came across her colourful, authentic and inspiring creativity and spirituality blog. 

She wrote love notes from her heart to her readers and offered intuitive coaching, custom art, and created a few short e-courses. I was hooked on her genuine love of life and learning. This woman most definitely dances to the beat of her own drum.

Leonie continues to write love notes from her heart. Really inspiring, actionable, smart ones.

She has grown her blog to become the CEO of a now 2 million dollar a year (and continually growing) company that is the vessel through which she brings to life her entrepreneurial and philanthropic visions of making a meaningful difference in the lives of many on the planet.Leonie Dawson Retreat


Leonie’s mission is to help as many earth angels – women with creative or spiritual gifts – to have profoundly profitable businesses so they may nourish themselves and heal the world.

This Retreat is going to be a powerhouse weekend of transformation and learning for healers, helpers, creatives and educators that are ready to shine brighter than ever in 2016 and do the important work they are called to do.

goldbutton3 Retreaters will be immersed in 2 days of teaching, coaching and access to the combined and hefty wisdom of Grant Andrews & Leonie Dawson.

goldbutton3 PLUS the bonus Sacred Women’s Circle I’m facilitating to support Shining Academy Members in feeling seen & heard in ways that are most meaningful to them. Deep nourishment, joy and remembering abound in circle…soul medicine x 

AND Leonie has also invited 2 wonderful guest speakers:

  • Money mindset expert, Denise Duffield Thomas.  I’ve been a member of Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp since 2013. It’s the bee’s knees best money program around.
  • Holistic Kinesiologist, Kerry Rowett.  I’m looking forward to my first session with Kerry Rowett of Awaken Kinesiology this month.

Whether you’re currently nurturing the seed of an idea or your biz is making 6+ figures, this luminous event will provide the insights and actions to take your Shining Business to the next level.

We would love to see you there!



Leonie Dawson Academy Retreat






The Courageous Process of Grieving in a Grief-Phobic Society | Grief


Grief: Deep and Poignant Distress

There will be seasons of your life illuminated by searing contrast.
Deep sweetness and holy grace. 
Deep loss and holy cleansing. 

If you have walked the transformative pain of saying goodbye to someone -or multiple someones- important to you, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

Grief is an intense experience of human life and our society is grief-phobic.

Most people haven’t learnt how to make peace with their own grief so it makes it challenging to be sensitive, present or allowing with another’s grief.

Be positive. Focus on the times you had together. Focus on what went right. Don’t dwell on what you’ve lost but what you have.

All valuable wisdom- at the right time.

Though in these messages is the subtle judgement that grief is negative.

Something to be avoided or at least ‘gotten through’ quickly, neatly and with less disruption to the status quo as possible.

To those that are lion- hearted through times of feeling broken-hearted, to those that surrender to the healing alchemy of grief that changes them, I honour you.

Grieving is valuable.

Being present with grief leads us back to clarity and wholeness. It illuminates that which is most important to us. It shakes loose our illusions of how we wanted things to be and allows us to come into alignment with how things are.

Grief, when we allow it, shatters our heart and our mind open wide to new form.

The pain of loss is not a pathology, despite what the current western medical model would suggest.

Except of course, when it is.

If you have grieved, or are still grieving now, you might have sensed a symbolic life or death soul alchemy taking place within you.

Grieving is an invitation to listen so minutely, so precisely to your inner voice that will lead you to healing.

The intersection of clarity about how things are and what is most important to us, is the clean slate for an empowered WHAT NOW and WHAT NEXT.

This isn’t a process to be rushed but to be allowed.

Time + Presence + Intention = Powerful Medicine.

This point on the wheel of the year- New Year- is a natural time of reflection of what has been.

If these words have some resonance with your experience of the past 12 months and you did not achieve some of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, please remember that you did not ‘fail’, that you are still here in the room.

You are wiser from your descent.
Your rise will be richer.
Your gratitude more profuse.

Or if you are still tender, trust the wisdom and gratitude will come.

You have permission to feel it all.

Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry.

May your next steps be bathed in an abundance of light.


With Compassion,