Welcome, Beauty!

Congratulations for listening to the YES inside you and taking action to gift yourself with the time and attention to be really present with yourself.

It’s my pleasure and honour to guide you through body awareness and energy awareness practices that will nourish your soul, bring you back to your authentic centre, and assist you to gain confidence in expressing yourself in the ways that are meaningful to you, whether that be personally or professionally.

On this page you will find the components of the Healing the Heart Yoni Split Workshop.

If you have any questions/feedback, or for support please contact: support(AT)melissaprince(DOT)com

Heart Yoni Workshop with Melissa Prince

This Workshop consists of:

1) PDF Introduction to the Healing the Heart Yoni online class

2) A video class guiding you through the Heart Yoni Meditation to connect your heart energy and sexual.

3) An mp3 recording of the Heart Yoni Meditation.

4) Integration Workbook with Journalling Exercises to support your reflection and integration after you’ve completed the meditation.





You can also view the Heart Yoni Meditation video here. 

Video Password : permissiontoshine


Heart Yoni Meditation mp3

Right click to download linked file >>> Balancing the Heart Yoni Connection


Right click to download printable integration workbook >>> Heart Yoni Integration Workbook

Have your journal, pens or colours set up near you before you do the mediation so it is in easy reach after you do the meditation. I invite you to journal some notes directly after your experience. You can then chose to move into an art process straight away or come back to creating art at another time that feels good for you.



The content contained in the workshop is for informational purposes only. The reader accepts sole responsibility for the use of this content. The author can not be held responsible for the way in which this information is applied.

Please take care of you and make good decisions around your mental, emotional and physical health. If the processes in this workshop bring you into contact with unresolved material inside your heart, mind and being, please seek appropriate support.

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