Love Yourself Free

Life is An Invitation to Love Yourself Free

Personal Presence,  Emotional Intelligence & Mindset Training to support Helpers, Healers, Creatives & Sensitives in feeling happy & healthy so they can serve the world well. 

A 5 month program especially crafted for passionate humans with big dreams, in the midst of transition, deepening love in their intimate relationships, or who know they haven’t fully stepped into their power for creating positive and meaningful change in their life and the lives of others.

This is for humans who:

☾ want a deeper connection to their personal power

☾ want to increase their self-esteem and address issues of worth (those not good enough feelings)

☾ want to cultivate a rich relationship with their body and tap into potent resources within to support change

☾ want to expand their self-expression in their lives, be that personally or professionally

☾ want to learn how to use fear as a messenger (and fuel) for want they need to do to create more of what they want in life + love

☾ are experiencing the same issues cropping up in their relationships and not sure how to break the loop

☾ want to increase the current level of intimacy in their current relationships – be that emotional or sexual – or who want to attract a partner that can meet them emotionally and sexually

☾ have a desire to help the world with their gifts and talents but are not making the impact that they know they have the potential to make

☾ are busy and struggle to make the time to fill their own cup or continually put their own needs last

☾ want to increase their confidence or know how in following their inner wisdom

☾ experiencing confusion between the conflicting voices in their head and heart which is keeping them stuck in personal or professional situations that are unsatisfying or even painful

☾ just want a safe space to get out all the stuff that is cluttering their head or heart without feeling judged, lectured, or made wrong for feeling the way they feel

☾want accountability and practical support in starting their heart based service in the world

☾ are in the midst of a significant life change and desire committed support to move through the current transition being deeply connected to their internal compass and with the courage to stay open and moving forward

This is not for humans who: 

☽ are not ready to look at their shadow side

☽ are not ready to gain clarity on their deep desires and create meaningful changes in their living and loving

☽ cannot allow themselves to be supported

☽ think that others are to blame for what they are experiencing in life, and are unwilling to look bravely at their current level of personal responsibility.

What’s included: 

☆ 10 x 60min private and personalised sessions. 

We will meet once a fortnight to clarify your desires, make safe space for what is hurting, confused or tangled in you, ground and amplify your greatness, and commit to inspired action steps to bring your desires to fruition.

We will connect through online video calls – Skype.

☆ Email support between sessions for cheerleading, accountability, wins, and witnessing. I want you to feel heard and supported throughout your self exploration process so you keep moving forward in what’s most important to you.

Specific areas we can address during this program include:

  • You will learn The Anatomy of a Fight (Conflict follows a predictable path so mastering this one skill opens up unlimited possibility for accelerated growth.)

– awareness of your vulnerability (this is essential to stop having the same old arguments crop up in your life + love)

– self soothing and self parenting

– learning how to ask clearly and cleaning for what you need and desire

– how to break the blame cycle in a fight

  • You will be invited to process past feelings that are trying to be healed through your current relationships. (And understand why without your awareness you’ll be stuck experiencing the same pain over and over. The good news is that you will clear in your sessions what is keeping you stuck in the same old worn communication loop!)
  • You will uncover outdated relationship beliefs + upgrade to ones that serve your vision of an ideal relationship. This will relate to your primary relationship as well as extended family – especially extended family – which is a common source of conflict for many people.
  • You will learn how to say No to others so you can say Yes to yourself….and why this will make you even more attractive to the kind of people you want in your life.
  • You will be learning a lot about the art of communication, about the role of conflict in your life, how to create emotional safety in your relationships, and how to amplify sexual attraction.

– How to communicate in a way that helps you be heard

– The hidden gifts in conflict

– How to ask for what you want

– How to give and receive appreciation in your relationships so that intimacy and connection are increased.

  • As well as the above,  female identified clients can also tap into my experience in teaching feminine embodiment practices and learn physical and energetic practices that allow you to be attract the attention you want: personally and professionally. One thing I value most about these practices is deeply nourishing my spiritual connection within my own body.

– Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and with receiving positive attention.

– Access the most attractive force you have within you – your feminine essence.

– Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.

– Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.

– Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.

– Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.

– Tap into an endless source of creative power.

  • Male identified clients will explore tapping into their masculine energy and learn phsycial and energetic practices that allow them to:

– Experience increased drive, focus and libido.

– Overcome challenges with more confidence

– Feel more comfortable in your role as a grounded leader and expend less effort to “impress or intimidate the competition”.

-Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.

-Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.

  • How to step more fully into your purpose in the world and feel seen and heard in bigger ways in your business.

– Get support in crafting a business model that works in alignment with your sensitive personality, not against it.

– Upgrade your business mindset around marketing, money and owning your value as a messenger or healer.

  • Increase awareness of your needs and defining your boundaries in all aspects of your life.
  • Clear past decisions and conditioning that limits the expression of your potential in the areas that are most meaningful to you.
  • Cultivate the key qualities of personal power and self-esteem. These qualities give you the confidence and trust in yourself that allows you to express all of your potentials in which ever way you choose.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself, so as you express even more of who you are in the world, your inner sovereignty is the solid foundation upon which everything grows. You will become more aware of your own motivations, impulses and desires – both conscious and subconscious – that are creating your life.

I want to support you in understanding yourself so your can create fulfilling relationships and experience more love, intimacy and satisfaction in life and service.

I want to show you how to feel good about yourself and create the life and love that you desire.

I want to be a safe place where you can untangle any unresolved emotion that is keeping you stuck and tripping you up from experiencing your potential.

This program is not a one size fits all approach. We will be diving deeply and specifically into the aspects of you and your life that you are most desiring to open up and experience more freedom, expression and conscious creation in.

I offer mentoring in 5 month + 10 month packages because I enjoy working with people who are committed to the process of creating deep change and who understand that integrating new ways of being in the world takes time, focus and support. Also, a five month time frame also allows space for anything in you which is in resistance to being more of who you are, to show itself for healing and integration. There are aspects of your patterns and personality that aren’t accessed during shorter style workshops or one-off facilitation that arise into the transformational space during programs of a sustained commitment.

What others say about working with Melissa

Working with Melissa was a God send. Having a safe, soft place to land on a fortnightly basis while my long-term relationship was coming to an end helped me get through those heart breaking, overwhelming months with my sanity and self-esteem intact.

I originally hired Melissa to help me get clear in launching a new healing business but the work we did went so much deeper than that – right into the heart of healing old pain that was in the way of me really valuing my worth as a woman, a partner and a supporter of others.

During the separation things got pretty nasty and Melissa showed me how to keep myself emotionally safe while still being true to me.

I’ve raised the bar on how I treat myself and how I allow others to treat me. I’m now enjoying friendships that are rich and respectful, supportive and alive. I’m enjoying time with myself and not looking for an intimate partner right now but I know with the communication and relationship skills I’ve learnt through this mentoring I will be so much more aware of the dynamics I bring into a future relationship.

If you get the chance to work with Melissa, do it and get your mind and heart blown wide open in the most empowering way.

MW. South West, WA

I so deeply believe this program is worth the financial investment. I’ve never really had the money just floating around in my bank account, but I said a huge YES to this program because I believed that to stay in the place that I was in was unhealthy for myself and those around me.

I was emotionally exhausted from everyday family upsets / work / creative frustration.  I wanted more from my life and at the time was feeling overwhelmed by HOW to achieve this. It felt too hard to be creative and I was ready to walk away from my life dream because I didn’t ever feel deserving of it.

By investing in myself I have gained self-confidence, clarity about my life direction and manifested my dreams. I am now much more able to identify triggers and the inner self / personality that is needing some guidance or support. I became a creative person who actually creates…and one who is now branching out to show the world my creations ( MAJOR FEAR FACTOR kicked to the curb!)

I love reading, but sometimes I get lost in the jargon or it may take me a few days for the information to sink in. The lessons I’ve learned about myself I’ve learned through meditation, sharing in Melissa’s circle and the private mentoring provided by Melissa.


MS. Perth, WA

Working with Melissa is…insights, with gentle pushing, renewed focus and deep listening.

I am incredibly grateful for you witnessing the gifts in me and helping me bring them out in the world. My confidence in myself has returned as I’ve gained clarity on how to bring all the different parts of my life together in a meaningful way. Because of this I’ve gained more clients in my healing business which has increased my income.

I should have contacted Melissa sooner instead of wasting so much time trying to figure it all out on my own. Thank you!


2019 is the year to express even more of who you really are in life, love and service. Are you ready to take meaningful action?

I only work 1:1 with a small number of clients at a time.

To apply for private mentoring, email support(at)melissaprince(dot)com

Send your name, contact information and reason for seeking support. I’ll be in contact with further application information to assist you in being crystal clear in what you wish to get out of this program, and to assist me in determining if we are a good match for the adventure ahead.