Creative Kick-Assery | A 3 month group coaching Summer Camp

Invitation to join this Summer Slip Stream for Switched On Sisters!

I received a download to create a very select and intimate online ‘Summer Camp’ for my favourite intentional humans to mastermind together over the Summer . I’m pretty darn excited about it and I would love for this Beta round to be with an A grade lady posse!

Think of this like an intentional creative container for staying focused on your desires and what matters to you the most during the festive time of the year.

  • Want support to stay committed to your rocking body of health?
  • Desire inspiration and accountability to keep tapped into the creative projects that want to flow through your soul and be manifest in the physical world? Whether that be moving forward in inspired joy and confidence with your art, your message, your business, a new venture, or your home or what ever is lighting you up and wanting to be expressed.
  • Would you love a loving kick up the bum to send doubt and overwhelm away for the holidays and receive clarity on your clear and specific next steps?

During the Summer/Festive months we are bombarded with so many distractions and stressors. It takes commitment and mental diligence to not be pushed off course from focussing on what is meaningful to you and to continue to be conscious of what it is you are creating and who you are turning up in the world as.

When we set priorities for ourselves and commit to them as our first inspired actions, rather than as after thoughts when/if it’s convenient, we grow confidence in our personal power and the Universe rewards action with meeting us more than half way.

When we just float though our days without intention and focusing our will, lower priority distractions rush in to fill the void. Fact.

Then we wonder when we will ever ‘get the time’ to do the things that enhance our life. There are so many valid and not so valid people and things calling for your attention. Wanting something from you in some way or another. That just is life.

And then you throw in the emotional highs and lows that can accompany this time of the year. Triggers and mirrors are bountiful at Christmas and New Year. It takes more for people to stay centred and aligned. It’s called the Silly Season for a reason.

That’s why I want to work with 5 sexy sisters to create our own intentional slip stream this summer. 

5 calls over the next 3 months = Keep your eyes on the prize and the support of your switched on sisters at the ready <3

This program will be a combination of teaching and coaching and facilitation.

This includes 3 x group calls and 2 x private 1:1 calls.

The Creative Kick Assery Summer Camp begins December 14!!

Here’s how it works:

  • December, January, February
  • 3 x LIVE google+ hangouts (1 each month)
  • ONLY 5 people. Everyone gets personal attention.
  • Group calls will be 30mins teaching topic first up, and then 30-40mins for questions and an opportunity for 1:1 coaching for each person.
  • The hangouts will be recorded and available for you to re-listen to or if you miss a call.
  • 2 x 60min PRIVATE 1:1 calls to get personalised facilitation, strategy and mindset coaching, clearing sub-conscious beliefs, intuitive work, shadow work to support you in getting clear on your desires and being accountable to them  by taking inspired action.


The 3 x group calls are timed to take advantage of the New Moon Mojo each month on Mondays at 7pm as follows:

  • December 14
  • January 11
  • February 8

Your 2 x private 1:1 calls can be scheduled for any time this Summer between Dec 11 – February 8

Focus Topics:

Month #1 – Manifesting Mojo. The step by step process for birthing your creative desires, in any area of your life. From the formless (vision/desire) to form (physical manifestation).

Month #2 – Boundaries Refresh. Your ability to say no to the things that aren’t in alignment with your BIG YES are the gateway to your success. This class will be looking at boundaries with Self and how to identify what parts of your personality you need to strengthen and which parts you need to separate from on your path of self mastery.

Month #3 – How to Creatively Work with your Unconscious Blocks (Upper Limit Issues) & Build a Relationship with your Fear so you can Move Past Resistance. aka The Journalling For Awareness Master Class.

Would you like to be a part of this Summer Slip Stream and keep in your flow of creative possibility and inspired action taking?

The 3 month online Summer Camp for Switched on Sisters is AUD 397.

This is a great opportunity to get some 1:1 support from me with a lighter investment of your resources – time, energy and money-  than my deeper, more comprehensive 5 month & 12 month program.

I’m calling in 5 women that know that what they feed their mind is a priority to keep themselves expanding into the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled version of themselves.

Think of this as “Mindset Maintenance” rather than the full deep dive into the deep end. After all, camp is meant to be fun! And you do know how much I love bringing fun and play to transforming resistance right?

Are you ripe to come play and create and make magic with us?

What if I’m working/away/asleep/miss one of the online group classes?

You won’t miss out! You can watch it later! Yay!

The call will be recorded and available for viewing if you are unable to be on the live call.

What if I can’t make the group coaching call but want my questions answered and some inspiration or information specific to my situation?

Awesome question. I’ve got you covered. Send in your questions in advance and I’ll answer them live on call for you to watch in the playback.

In fact, even if you are going to make it to the call, send in your questions anytime and I’ll answer them on the next live call or in your private session.

My timetable is all over the place with holidays so I’m not sure when I can book in my private 1:1 sessions. Are you flexible on bookings?

Super flexible! You have 2 sessions and I’m good to book those on any week-day or week-eve that suits you. (aka doesn’t have to be a Mon or Tues which are my usual slots.) I just ask that if we book it in, you give me at least 24 hours notice before re-scheduling.

Did you get the pricing wrong? Why is the price so low?

I know right? When I got the download for this summer group and felt the excitement and energy I had for this project, I knew I wanted to create something that would be affordable for my lady crew over the holiday season and supported them in not only staying sane, but in creatively thriving through Summer!

I wanted this opportunity to be a no brainer YES.

This will be the first time I will be using the Google + for group coaching and so this Beta run is at lower introductory cost while I get used to the technology. The next time I run online small group coaching with this amount of personal contact included the financial investment will be higher.

If you feel a stirring within to jump on this groove train, now is the perfect time <3 The Universe rewards decisive action.


Hell YES I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Email me with a Woot! and any questions etc

Payment is by bank transfer to


BSB: 306-074

Account Number: 0733141

Pay Up Front: 1 payment of 397


2 part payment: 207 upfront + 207 fortnight later

I’m feeling super pumped to create with you and see what subconscious blocks come up to be integrated and cleared as we move into 2016! It is a joy to witness you embrace your edges and grow yourself xxx


Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then, do what you need to do, in order to have what you want. – Margaret Young