Just go in.

Whatever is happening in your world right now,

Just go in.

Have you uprooted your life, moved across country and are yet to drop a new and stable anchor?

Just go in.

Are you bringing your art, your message, your calling to the world and keep smacking up against your own inner limitations so your creative process right now showing up less about ease and more about anxiety?

Just go in.

Do you feel like you are pushing sh*t up hill when it comes to your health and you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Just go in.

Is there growing dissatisfaction and resentment building in one (or more) of your relationships that you allow to consume more of your precious energy than you know is healthy?

Just go in.

Find yourself in the midst of a significant change in how you view your life and how you relate to everything in it?

Just go in.

 Gold Divider

Just go in.

What does going in look like for you today?

Have you engaged with your foundational practices?

Whether the practices that keep you aligned and aware are:

  • journalling
  • yoga
  • inner selves dialogue
  • meditation
  • simply being still and connecting with your centre

Have you sat on the mat-metaphorically speaking-and turned up for yourself today on what is alive and calling for your loving attention?

Have you turned up for the conversation with your super-conscious mind on how to lean into your genius and bring more of that to your life, your relationships, your work?

If you haven’t, why not?

You are your priority.

Knowing, growing and celebrating yourself is the centre point for everything you do or do not eventuate in the world.

So again, you are your priority. 

When you’re not creating, living, loving, serving from your core you’re out of alignment.

You are wasting time, energy and money.

And worse than that, you’re keeping yourself in the illusion that you are separate from the source of what would set you free.

Your soul’s knowing of which disowned and fragmented parts of self that need to be integrated on the path of being happy, healthy and serving the world well.

Your soul’s knowing of which next step to make to amplify all the good in your life and bring even more of that to you.

That innate movement towards wholeness.

That inner medicine that washes clear worries, old stories and anything that is not the Truth of who you are and what is possible for you, and reminds you of the infinite potential of your being.

And that work, my friends, is an everyday commitment.

Just like brushing your teeth.

You don’t brush your teeth on the first day of the month and expect to wake up on the second day of the month with minty fresh breath. Hell no. You get up and brush your teeth again.

And while you’re brushing your teeth do you judge your teeth, tongue and mouth for getting all funky again overnight?

No, you just get on with it and complete your oral hygiene routine without complaint.

So why complain or get discouraged about the fact that inner work is a constant commitment?

Coming home to Self is a life long unfolding, so why make up stories about how either you suck or they suck?

Stories like:

  • I’m not [insert preferred self judgement here] enough
  • I’m too [insert preferred self judgement here]
  • I should [insert preferred self judgement here]
  • I’d be happier, healthier, more successful if only [the government/my partner/my parents/those people]  were [insert preferred judgement here]
  • I’d be happier, healthier, more successful if only [some external situation out of your control] that you use as an excuse to not follow the whispers of your heart


Living an intentional life requires you to tune into your inner world everyday and then take inspired daily action in the direction of your soul deep desires.

Some desires are quick to achieve results and some will be a life long adventure for you.

Some desires will dissipate and lose their appeal as new ones sprout from within.

Some desires will materialise like magic and others will be born through the fortitude of blood, sweat and tears.

What matters is that everyday you are living as awake, present and alive as you can.

And most people?

They don’t.

They move through this precious life asleep.

Not you though, you switched on and sensitive human.

You’re here not only to (continually) wake up – you know you’re here to help wake up those around you too. 

And that drives you forward on your own healing path.

To keep doing the work that you do.

To keep speaking truth the way you do.

To keep questioning and deep diving the way you do.

You know that you’re a link breaker.

And so, my friend, that’s why I’m writing to you today.

To touch in with you with a reminder of the importance of doing your inner work to super charge the outer work that you are doing.

And to encourage you to keep turning up.

To keep knowing, growing and celebrating you.

Be well,