Thank you to my wild clients & workshop participants who have lovely things to say:

Our relationship was headed for near guaranteed separation. We would fire off each other and escalate our antagonism. Fights were regular and we had no ability to work out what had set them off.

Melissa is an amazing facilitator – perceptive and out for both members of the couple to succeed. She seems to know just what to say and where to take the sessions to get things moving. The techniques of bonding pattern analysis and voice dialogue are powerful and Melissa is highly skilled in using them.

We have less fights and those we do have are typically more ‘fair’, with discussion of what isn’t working for us rather than accusation. We are having more sex and there is way way way more hope and love.

I absolutely recommend this program to other couples!

– Partner. Father. Principal Consultant. Perth. Name withheld for privacy.


I’ve deepened my appreciation of myself– my body, my energy. I’ve noticed that I’m less influenced by others and I’ve gained more confidence in my decisions, as they are coming from womb not from head.

I’m more open to appreciate healthy energy from others and I can now recognise what that looks and feels like. I feel ok to just be me and not try to project how I want others to perceive me.

You should definitely attend a circle with Melissa. It was an awakening experience!

– Goldie. Telecommunications Administration. Perth.


My relationship with my partner was struggling. I was having difficulty visioning a future where our love would continue to grow and flourish. I was seeking a creative solution to our negative patterns when we sought Melissa out for support.

I now feel much more hopeful about our future together. The tools Melissa introduced us to help us to catch ourselves when we start down habitual negative communication. We are in a much happier place and we now have a stable platform to grow from.

Melissa remains an unbiased, neutral and supportive mentor to both parties and helps guide you through the difficult parts of your relationship & EMPOWERS each partner to resolve the issues & own those parts of themselves previously disowned.

I highly recommend her to couples seeking transformation. Thank you!! 

– Partner. Mother. TCM Practitioner. Perth. Name withheld for privacy.

Coming into Feminine Presence work with Melissa I never realised how shut off I was. I was struggling with releasing my sexuality and expressing myself completely in that way. I never felt safe to be me. I’ve now explored a deeper more sensual self.

I’ve allowed myself to discover my warm, sexual, empowered self. I have – and I am – a powerful yet gentle presence. I now truly believe that.  I was amazed at how quickly I allowed myself to shine.

Before doing this work my amazing husband would always compliment me and tell me I was a shining, loving energy that attracted and touched everyone I cam into contact with. I would brush his compliments off and ignore them. After one class I went home feeling so great after receiving appreciations and feedback from the ladies about how I radiated. When I told my husband he cried and said, “That’s exactly what I see.”

I’ll never shut off my light again. Thanks, Melissa & AFP women!

– Penni


Before this program I had anger management issues from fear and anxiety. I constantly argued with little resolution with my wife and daughters. I was  frequently in my child mode and rarely being in my adult.

I have more success in controlling my anger and I’ve gained confidence in solving and discussing issues at home. The most valuable part of this program was gaining an understanding of the parent, adult and child in me and how that affects my behaviour.

I leave sessions with an outlook of solving issues as a team rather than looking to place blame. Conflicts still flare up but resolution is quicker and the deafening silence of tension has gone. I’m listening and showing more empathy to my wife and children, as well as to myself. I’ve gained the tools to understand and resolve issues in a positive way.

I would definitely recommend this program to other people as it includes a great balance of self awareness, mediation and the ability to recognise human behaviour.

– Husband. Father. Teacher. Name withheld for privacy.


I got to a point in my life where I forgot who I was and I where I was going. I was feeling stuck just not knowing who I was. The most surprising part was the fact that it was so easy to reconnect!

I now feel empowered in many areas. Having the strength to do things for me and not everyone else is amazing. I know what I’m living for.

Through working with Melissa I realised I was projecting an image of myself instead of being at home in myself. I’ve shifted into my power to recognise this and have gained the confidence to change it and let the real me out.

I’m able to call back my energy now when I get triggered which means I see situations clearer and am trusting my own decisions.

What’s emerging is that it’s time to give myself the love I’ve been giving others.

If you want to know why you are here and to really grasp how to be loving to yourself in the best way, then do this!

– Deana