Is Your Yin Turned ON? | The Art of Feminine Presence

When a woman embodies her feminine essence, her whole life is transformed.  Energy, ecstasy, empowerment, and effortless magnetism blossoms when a woman activates her feminine essence. She becomes attractive, grounded and sensual.  When she walks into a room, everyone appreciates the glow of her feminine radiance. She is lit up from within, confident in herself.  It feels good to be her and it feels good to be around her.

When a woman walks into a room with a sensually alive body, a compassionate and loving heart, and a peaceful mind, she naturally affects the people around her in the most profound ways; she gives others permission to share their Light.

When a woman cultivates the energy of her feminine centre it feeds her courage to act on the wisdom of her heart and higher mind in big, bold ways that ultimately serve us all.

The world needs more women like this. Women who want to step up and make a difference.

The Art of Feminine Presence teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful and feminine, and supports them in a community of other women who are stepping into this courageous place as well.

For decades we have been talking about the lack of women’s presence in the world, and we have made many positive steps towards lifting more women into power. The problem remains that we have not yet adequately questioned the very definition of power itself.

The Art of Feminine Presence  helps us redefine what it is to be an empowered feminine woman.

Masculine Feminine Balance

Imagine a world where both the feminine principle and the masculine principle are equally honoured and valued – in business, in leadership, in relationships, in society.

When a woman’s feminine energy is disowned or under valued her life suffers. When a culture devalues “the feminine” it can cause serious challenges like the environmental crisis and humanitarian crisis we face now.

To create a positive world-wide shift we must return to the balance that we have lost. To lead a fulfilling, healthy and passionate life where we create what we want for ourselves and our communities, we must start adding the feminine principle back into our experience to compliment the strong and unwavering masculine.

I invite you to ponder…

  • In the pursuit of a career, or in taking care of so many people around you, have you disconnected from your own needs, passions, and desires?
  • Are you ‘pushing’ to make things happen in life? Possibly leaving you exhausted?
  • Are you experiencing challenges in finding an emotionally mature intimate partner that also turns you on?
  • Or has your long-term relationship lost the liveliness and passion it once had?
  • In business, do you have something of value to offer but you’re not making the impact you could because of you’re scared of being seen and judged?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please read on to find out how these series of classes and intensives can support you.

The Art of Feminine Presence weekly classes and intensives help you:

goldbullet2  Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want: personally and professionally.

goldbullet2  Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and with receiving positive attention.

goldbullet2  Access the most attractive force you have within you – your feminine essence.

goldbullet2  Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.

goldbullet2  Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.

goldbullet2  Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.

goldbullet2  Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.

goldbullet2  Tap into an endless source of creative power


The Body of Work

The classes/intensives consist of 3 main components, which are described below.


1) The 44 Practices

There are 44 unique practices. In each class you will explore and embody one of these. In a 1-day or weekend intensive there will be time to explore and embody a lot more. The practices include:

  • Physical movements that cultivate feminine energy.
  • Body awareness practices that help women “be at home” in their bodies—no matter what stress is occurring around them.
  • Energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of a woman’s personal presence and radiance.
  • Deep questioning of how we relate to our femininity, sensuality and sexuality.


2) The Feminine Presence Meditation ™

This meditative movement practice is an integral part of this work that is done every class because it supports you:

goldbutton3 To move feminine energy through your body: the meditation is slow, sensual, and devotional.

goldbutton3 To follow the pleasure and joy inside your body: how much pleasure can you move and contain in your body before dissipating it?

goldbutton3 To heal the split between the energy of your heart and your sexuality: Feel your heart and womb communicate with each other so you make more healthy choices in relationships and are more fed by both these power centres.

goldbutton3 To let go and surrender into living a more expanded and joyful life: trust and follow the energy that wants to move you.

goldbutton3 To not let self-consciousness and fear stop you, and to not let performer-consciousness drain you by always feeling you need to be “on.” This promotes deep rest at the same time as being deeply invigorating.


3) Safe Witnessing

A powerful, feminine woman is comfortable with attention directed towards her. Many women are starving for healthy attention. Many of the practices are witnessed by another woman or the entire group in a safe and supportive way. This is often the only way a woman can receive honest, valuable feedback as to how she is perceived. This challenges many women at first, but once they discover the ways to let go of self-consciousness, it is the most healing and empowering part of the class.


These 3 components, the 44 practices, the Feminine Presence Meditation, and witnessing, are contained inside a women’s circle. This includes a tuning in and checking in process at the beginning of the class.


What Women Are Saying:


I came to Melissa’s Art of Feminine Presence classes because I was interested in exploring aspects of the feminine. I also wanted to make space for exploring and celebrating myself. I have multiple outside demands on me and was wanting time to myself. The most awareness shifting part of this work was learning about my ‘energy bubble’ and how to use it. As a result of these classes I feel more self-love and respect for my own personal space- physically, emotionally, and energetically. I am feeling more trust and safety in my body regarding my upcoming birth. I have more body/energy awareness and how to use my energetic space. I am feeling happier, enlightened and in control of my emotional and physical space.
Kristi Chua, Artist.






Go, go, go! If you want to celebrate being a woman and fall in love with yourself, go see Melissa!
Esther Ward, Owner


When I first got the email inviting me to the classes my first thought was “Oh that’s totally NOT my thing”…but I challenged myself on that and wondered if it could help me learn how to be still and unbusy as I was feeling stuck as a ‘doing’ in the world instead of a ‘being’ in the world. I experienced such a transformation learning about my energetic presence and increasing my awareness about how I feel physically, emotionally, and energetically. I feel stronger and more grounded in myself. I have created more space in my life – my own space- internally and externally. I have more flow in my life too – I even brought on a menstruation (which had been dammed up for many months in my crazy busy work/study/family life) by releasing and flowing in class! I am letting go of the sense of urgency and fleetingness- that shiz ain’t real. Opportunities exist in every moment.
Brooke, Perth Student






I was prompted to join Melissa’s Art of Feminine Presence classes because I wasn’t feeling connected with myself and my true desires. I wanted to gain confidence in myself and increase my awareness of the same issues that were playing out in my relationship. I am feeling much stronger in all aspects of my life, very grounded and centred. I’m enjoying feeling more authentic in my decision-making. I’m so much more able to take risks and my creative energy is flowing easier than it ever has before! I am feeling more sexually attractive and ok with my sexuality. I’ve shifted guilt and shame from childhood abuse through this work and am able to enjoy myself more. The changes I’ve experienced have brought changes with my husband in breaking old habits/behaviours in our relationship. I’ve learnt ways to share whats going on for me with my partner and be able to vocalise it to him. If you get the chance to do this work with Melissa, make it an act of self-love and do it!! – AFP student.
ML, Perth student


I am more grounded from this experience. I am definitely more confident and it is a big shift to not fear when attention is put on me. Before this I would want to run away or avoid in other ways having the attention on me because I was so uncomfortable.  Melissa makes the classes an especially safe place to be.  I feel very energised after each one. Even if I arrive in tears, I leave with a deeper awareness of how I feel in any moment and of being ok with it. I feel connected to my intrinsic ok-ness. – AFP student
CC, Perth student


I thoroughly  enjoyed gaining an awareness of my womb space, a part shut out and totally unaware of the importance it plays in me enjoying life and guiding me in so many ways. I was surprised at how important it is for me to connect emotionally in a safe space being me no matter where I am on the emotional scale. I have a better awareness of my emotions and how it manifests in my body. I have long struggled with my ability to receive attention, help, or appreciation and felt very supported in shifting this pattern.  Melissa’s circles are the best. A warm, safe, and challenging environment to reflect and grow to be the best you can be! 
MW, Perth student


I could easily spend more time in meditation just for the pure enjoyment!
Kristi Chua, Perth student